Cinnabar Support and Living provide a "Person Centred Care" approach enabling people to establish themselves into a community and engage in individual independent lifestyles.

Welcome to Cinnabar Support and Living’s website, as you have already chosen to view our site, it is very likely that you are looking for a full time care solution for either yourself or a loved one.
You probably now realise that there are a lot of businesses out there that are offering these services and are wondering how to choose between them, we hope you will take a little time to read through the following information on this website, through which, we will tell you about our company and why we may be the right choice for you.
Cinnabar Support and Living aim to provide the finest quality care for our elderly residents requiring nursing, residential accommodation we particularly focus on those residents suffering from all types of dementia related ailments or conditions. Within our group we also look after the needs of younger adults suffering from learning or physical disabilities who wish to integrate effectively and lead a full and productive life.


At Cinnabar Support & Living we have a vision of how an Independent Living Community can and should be successfully maintained and developed. After many years of working within the social and health industries, our founders developed an insight into how the current care sector was failing and could be improved upon to optimise support for people with ranges of abilities. Our mission for Cinnabar Support and Living became to build an environment where residents could be supported free from the emotional stress and frustration that so often accompanied existing solutions – our passion was to set about change. Whilst implementing the new system, our care team noticed that residents began to mix more easily and soon a community began to grow and individuals became able to help and support one another. Building on these positive changes, we added self–contained flats bringing more independent living for residents, helping to prepare them for living beyond the confines of a home and ultimately to be confident and able to move away and truly begin independent life as part of an external community. The next step was to create a Domiciliary Homecare Service bringing the same support service available at our facilities to the client’s own home. Our determination and strength of belief has enabled us and our team to successfully meet and overcome challenges and hurdles in creating a unique environment with a holistic, person–centred service. Based upon the success of implementing this structure at our flag ship property, Linford Grange, Cinnabar has opened other properties across the country which, although offering different specialised services, would all build upon this initial philosophy.

The four key building blocks of the Cinnabar Health Group

Person–centred Residential Living

Custom-building residential support packages with additional person–centred one–to–one care from a key-worker and a team of support workers.

Person–centred Domiciliary Support

Delivering person–centred support in our clients own homes or if required escort services from members of our experienced, highly trained support workers.

Person–centred Specialised Nursing Support

Creating specialised nursing support packages with additional person–centred one–to–one care from a key-worker and a team of support workers, or registered highly trained nursing staff.

Holistic Respite Support

Providing for periods of respite, supported by a key-worker and nursing or support staff, with a specialised package designed for your individual needs.

Our Locations

We have a number of buildings with interesting histories all adapted to the highest standards and equipped with the latest specialist medical equipment.

Our staff are all highly trained and motivated to enhance the lives of our residents as well as delivering the finest standards of care.

Cinnabar Support and Living Homes offer the finest quality care for elderly residents requiring care and nursing on an everyday level. Our properties are countrywide, each with an interesting and unique history but all adapted and equipped to the highest standards with the latest in medical equipment.

Our staff are all highly trained and motivated to deliver the best quality in care whilst enhancing the lives of our residents.

Our Homes

Newport Pagnell

Linford Grange

Linford Grange is a beautiful period property situated on the edge of protected green belt in the heart of Newport Pagnell.

Linford Grange offers a variety of flexible individual care packages in luxurious surroundings, with the highest standards in personalised care. Linford Grange is able to house residents with diverse needs and varying requirements for supported or independent living.

Newport Pagnell

The Stratfords

Introducing The Stratfords, dedicated to providing personalised care and support in an engaging, caring and compassionate way.

Located in Stony Stratford, The Stratfords offers a home from home for those no longer able to be at home. The property provides equipment and facilities to support people and to maintain their independence to whatever level is appropriate for them.


Appleby Grange

Appleby Grange is situated on the outskirts of Appleby and set in its own private grounds, looking out across the River Eden towards Appleby Castle.

Appleby Grange provides a full complement of both general and mental nurses, experienced care staff and dedicated support workers. The home provides for adults over the age of eighteen with a variety of conditions, disabilities and complex care needs.

Our People

Alister Cook

Managing Director

Alister is a qualified accountant with in excess of 20 years experience in SME’s having been involved in a variety of sectors including retail, manufacturing, service and healthcare.


Homes Manager

Susan is a qualified Nurse with over 30 years’ experience in the NHS and Social Care Sector, her passion is to support Registered Managers and staff to deliver the highest possible level of care to our residents whilst maintaining an ethos of promoting independence, respect, dignity and compassion.  Sue is responsible for Corporate Governance including Quality and Compliance monitoring and Policy Development.

Getting Help

Finding the right residential care for a loved one is a very daunting task. Not only are there the emotive considerations but then there are also the act of finding the right care home that is in an area practical for you, has the right facilities, the right team with the appropriate training and care abilities and thats before you look into financial arrangements – frankly, where do you start?
Well, we are here to help and will do our best to guide you through the processes and what you need to know to help you decide upon the residential home thats right for you and your needs.
We will endeavour to show you the guidance on what you might be able to expect from the state and NHS in terms of help. Which local authority is relevant to you. We can also point you in the direction to see if and what financial help or benefits might be avaialble to you.
If you need further information, or if you would just prefer to speak to someone personally about your circumstances and needs, please use the contact form at the bottom of this web page or contact us on:

01925 838 504

We also have a “Useful Links” page that may be of interest to you here.


Care at Cinnabar Supported Living homes is not about just being cared for, it’s about continuing to live life to the fullest of your abillities. Our team our dedicated to ensuring that our residents are cared for their every need, including interests, hobbies and entertainment.

Get in Touch

If you would like to contact us with any questions about our services, accommodation and availability, discuss how we may be of help to yourself or someone you care for or if you’d like to arrange a tour of any of our properties, please let us know on the contact form below. We will endeavour to reply to you within 24 hours during normal working days.

If your enquirey needs a more urgent or detailed response, please call us on:

01925 838 504