Cinnabar Support and Living provide a "Person Centred Care" approach enabling people to establish themselves into a community and engage in individual independent lifestyles.

Our Statement of Purpose

Our Statement of Purpose outlines the care we provide, how we are organised to provide that care and includes a general overview of the facilities, services and practices adopted to implement the efficient delivery of meeting our stated purpose.
Naturally, there is more to our service provision than a few pages stating our purpose, therefore, our Statement of Purpose should be read and applied in conjunction with our wider policies, procedures, practices and protocols.
Our Statement of Purpose is available to all new prospective Service Users, visitors and other
relevant ‚”interested parties‚” with an interest in our care provision. A copy of the entire
Statement of Purpose is lodged with our Inspectorate.
Wherever any part of the Statement of Purpose changes, we ensure that all circulating copies of the Statement of Purpose are updated within 28 days of that change. Furthermore, our
Inspectorate is also sent those changes in order that they may update the copy lodged with
Our internal Statement of Purpose copies are kept in a lose leaf format so that they can be easily added to and updated. As the contents of the Statement of Purpose are quite diversified, our internal copies (and our Inspectorate copy) is carefully indexed so that finding information in the Statement of Purpose is easy.