Cinnabar Support and Living provide a "Person Centred Care" approach enabling people to establish themselves into a community and engage in individual independent lifestyles.


Those in our care are encouraged to manage their own affairs making their own decisions and we have to be careful not to ”disenfranchise‚” them from doing so. On this basis they are self advocating.

However, a person may be or become unable to exercise their rights to their best interests and a person or persons may be appointed to speak for them in their best interests.

Such a person acting on behalf of another in this way is known as their ‚”advocate‚” and may be a relative, friend, professional person etc. Our policy is never to act as advocate for a person in our care because of the potential for conflict of interest.

Details of a person‚” advocacy arrangements are kept in the appropriate confidential file for that person accessible by senior staff authorised by the Registered Manager and only then under appropriate documented circumstances.

Breaching confidential advocacy arrangements represents gross misconduct for which a member of staff may be dismissed.

The home recommends the use of Age Concern advocacy services which are free of charge‚ details are available from reception.

Financial Affairs:

Often the most sensitive advocacy issue. Those in our care should handle their affairs for as long as they both want and are capable of doing so.

It is strictly against our policy for any member of staff to involve themselves in the financial affairs of anyone in our care, even where the person cared for wants the employee to become involved.

However, where the Registered Manager and at least one other senior member of staff are
informed and it is recorded in the client‚” file there may be circumstances under which a
staff member may engage themselves in the financial affairs of a client. This must be agreed in advance of involvement although we are unlikely to agree to such an arrangement.

Involvement in the financial affairs of a client may lead to problems with disastrous consequences, which is why breach of this policy represents gross misconduct, and may lead to dismissal.