Cinnabar Support and Living provide a "Person Centred Care" approach enabling people to establish themselves into a community and engage in individual independent lifestyles.

Maintaining the Dignity of our Residents

We recognise the importance of maintaining the uniqueness and character of each and every person in our care. Thus we aim to uphold a standard of care that reflects this in practice.

Therefore, we are careful to avoid situations for those in our care that may lead to impairment of their self-esteem and sense of worth. Where such situations might occur we seek to diffuse them gently and sensitively.

The purpose is to uphold the dignity of anyone in our care. The spirit of this extends to staff, colleagues, visitors etc. as well.

This includes being mindful to their personal appearance, helping them manage genuine (or perceived) ‚”stigmas‚” etc. that their circumstances may create.

We will not tolerate any practices that may impair a person’s dignity whilst practices that contribute positively to a person‚’ dignity are encouraged.

Detrimentally affecting the dignity of a service user is an act of gross misconduct and may lead to dismissal of staff involved.